This site is primarily the help files from PowerShell, these can be accessed with commands such as Get-Help Set-FileShare | more and can be output as a text file using Get-Help Set-FileShare | more | Out-File C:\users\hdi\Desktop\commands\Set-FileShare.txt

This site was created only to help me with learning PowerShell and to give me a large amount of data for working with Drupal. It gives me useful content that will be updated with more script examples outside of the Microsoft examples that each basic article starts out as. The articles are all created using the output from the Get-Help command and some nifty formatting via Syntax Highlighter available at http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/

I take no credit for the Microsoft examples and only some credit for the scripts that will be added, as with many forms of scripting / coding I feel that we are always building on the work of others and using their code to improve ours.

Thank you for visiting the site and I hope that you find something useful,